A group of young people from different provinces and territories came together to reflect on what they would like to improve in the high school History curriculum and to reflect on important Canadian issues. They looked at multiculturalism, social and economic inclusion, and diversity.

They used the past to better understand the present. Their history teachers, Elders and adult allies also contributed to this understanding. They then wrote a workshop guide that was facilitated and delivered by youth across Canada. The observations shared in these workshops were also reviewed by a group of youth at the annual #CanadaWeWant youth conference. In order to share the results of this process, the youth of the working group created different visuals including a virtual reality video and a comic book.

The results of the process:

Virtual Reality Video

The virtual reality video features a time capsule that shows elements that are important to youth in Canada.

Characters from the comic book

Comic Book

The comic book was created using the COVID-19 pandemic as an example of how youth want to be taught about History. In particular, they took into account the different communication channels appealing to youth and made sure to include the voices of marginalized and under-represented people.

To do so, they decided to create 5 stories illustrating the experiences of different people across Canada during the confinement.