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Welcome to Take Our Kids to Work 2024!

Take Our Kids to Work Day November 6, 2024.Breaking Barriers, Transforming Communities. Presented with RBC Future Launch.

Thank you for your interest in Take Our Kids to Work™ (TOKW) 2024. TOKW has been engaging youth with adults and the community for nearly 30 years. Now, with the Students Commission of Canada (SCC) as the leader, we are creating new opportunities for both virtual and in-person experiences. Together, with your participation, we hope to equip young people to live this year's theme: Breaking Barriers, Transforming Communities.

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Take Our Kids to Work™ 2024 Resources

Resources for Take Our Kids to Work 2024 will be available soon. If you have questions regarding this year's activities, contact for more information.

Meanwhile, please explore the 2023 resources below and watch the preview video below.

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Take our Kids to Work 2023 Resources

Take Our Kids to Work Live!

Moderated by The Students Commission of Canada, Take Our Kids to Work 2023 Live! was a truly national event, complementing local at-work and in-school experiences. Students, teachers, employers, families could drop-in to a casual coast-to-coast-to-coast live conversation about careers in every part of the country. There was shared viewing of pre-recorded speakers on specific career areas, with live stream Career Advisors featuring diverse experiences and representatives, answering student questions and in conversation with them.

2023 Everyone Belongs Here! Cornerstone Kick Off!

Presented by RBC Future Launch

Welcome to a day of discovery. In this introduction session, RBC Olympian Larissa Franklin kicked us off with her journey in high-performance sport, emphasizing resilience and self-discovery in the career journey. Sharif Mahdy shared his journey from camper to CEO of a national charity for youth.

A Message from Deputy Grand Chief Bobby Narcisse

Advancing Diversity and Representation in Healthcare

Sponsored by McKesson Canada

Challenge your perceptions of healthcare careers; explore diverse roles, the power of representation, and expert insights, uncovering a world of better health through impactful partnerships!

McKesson Canada has been in the business of better health partnering with key players in the health care industry for more than 100 years.

Discovering your talents in the 21st century

Featuring Plum io, International Experience Canada, Shad Canada and The Students Commission of Canada

Discover the Art of Work with a lively discussion about various activities and experiences during high school that reveal the talents leading to successful careers!

Plum is a Talent Platform providing employers data-driven insights to empower individuals to find career opportunities that align with their unique strengths and talents. International Experience Canada (IEC) offers Canadians the opportunity to work and travel abroad. Shad Canada offers a month-long summer program in 22 universities across Canada focused on STEAM and entrepreneurship for grade 10 and 11 students. The Students Commission of Canada offers skill building programs for youth through conferences, volunteering, youth advisories, employment and social justice projects.

Exploring Tech @ RBC's Strategy & Innovation Team!

Sponsored by RBC Future Launch

Hear from employees and co-op student about what it’s like to work with RBC’s strategy and innovation team ‘TechLabs’ and their tech careers working technologies like Generative AI and Immersive Technology.

RBC Future Launch is an important player in helping young Canadians accessing a variety of opportunities to develop the skills they need for a bright future.

Cultivating Green Careers of the Future

Explore the world of green careers, discover diverse opportunities to make a positive environmental impact and interact with experts in a panel discussion. Get inspired to pursue a fulfilling career in the growing field of sustainability!

Diversifying the Creative Journey

Learn more about the vibrant world of art, media, and design careers, engage with industry experts, and uncover how creativity shapes culture. Receive advice and encouragement from professionals in the field!

Transforming Manufacturing with Advanced Technologies

Sponsored by NGen, Next Generation Manufacturing Canada

Explore Advanced Manufacturing’s impact with experts showcasing breakthroughs, skills for the “future of making,” and inspiring insights on shaping a sustainable future.

NGen is the industry-led, non-profit organization leading Canada's Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing




Our 2023 Supporters

We want to thank our generous supporters for Take Our Kids to Work 2023.

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