SIFT for Safer Spaces, Mental Health and Authentic Connections!

SIFT is creating safer spaces across Canada where youth and adults closest to them explore, experience, and build capacity towards: belonging, self-care, wellbeing, and positive social identities. Youth co-create safer spaces by sifting through and choosing tools that matter to them the most. We offer 18 services, spanning the 6 themes below, to spark new or deepen existing safer spaces:


SIFT Themes

  • Pillars & Shaping the Safer Space
  • Authenticity & Social Identity
  • Sharing & Vulnerability
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Belonging & Community
  • Contribution & Empowerment

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Together: Making your spaces safer

Choose Your Own Adventure

Making Your Spaces Safer: We’re taking SIFT on the road to classrooms, community centres, and youth serving organizations. We have grant funding to bring pop-up safer space workshops for youth and/or training sessions for adults to you.

Contact Monica for a walk through of our Menu of Services and how we can customize in-person or virtual SIFT sessions around your needs and space(s).

We also host a monthly Adult Ally meeting where we share SIFT tools and resources.Contact Matt for more information.

“We’re a pocket of safety, a pocket of positivity...they know we’re a safe place.” (Adult Ally Facilitator)

Our Safer Spaces: Looking for an existing space to join? We hold weekly SIFT sessions for youth at 5 sites across the country:

Program components include mental health techniques for everyday life, developing strategies for dealing with social identity pressures and reducing social polarization. We’re always looking for youth to join.Contact us to get connected!

“Come! We chill, we talk, we be healthy, we be ourselves” (Youth Participant)

More Resources

Learn more about the origins and underlying framework behind SIFT: Safer Spaces and Social Identity Formation