A Blueprint for Action :

Preventing Substance-Related Harms Among Youth

The Students Commission of Canada worked with the Public Health Agency of Canada to mobilize the Blueprint for Action, an intervention model for preventing substance related harms among youth. This model was designed based on the key findings of the School Matters Forum. Other resources and projects also informed this action plan such as the Youth Who Thrive project.

The Blueprint for Action aims to:

  • Encourage a different way of thinking about how to approach youth substance use: say yes to evidence and no to one-size-fits-all interventions.
  • Support school stakeholders to engage their networks: increase attention, buy-in and resources for long-term approaches.

Mobilizing the Blueprint for Action was done by developing a series of related knowledge products, which outline the priority areas and evidence-based, comprehensive strategies that school stakeholders can adopt to prevent substance-related harms among youth. These products include an infographic, a short summary, and a training session. To watch a recording of this training, click here.